A Wild Night With A Compassionate Caregiver

When Kim found out that her good friend Jessica had come down with the flu, she quickly came to her aid. Jessica had a doctor’s note to stay home for a week from work, and Kim who worked from home had the time to help out. After Kim went to the grocery store and bought all of her friend’s favorite foods, she went to Kim’s house and cooked a wonderful dinner. Jessica was very happy that her friend had come over to take care of her and welcomed her with open arms. Kim and Jessica had been friends for a few years and both women loved to spend time with one another.

That night Jessica was feeling much better and decided to share a bottle of wine with her friend. It was getting late and both the women were getting a little drunk. Jessica, who had always found Kim attractive decided to do something she had never done before. Maybe it was the wine but Jessica leaned over and kissed Kim right on the lips. This surprised Kim but in a good way, and the two started kissing each other deeply.

Things were really heating up and this is when Kim started taking control. Kim started undressing Jessica and took off her shirt. Jessica was not wearing a bra and Kim started kissing Jessica’s small but very perky breasts. Jessica tossed her head back in pleasure as Kim’s tongue swirled around her nipples, first one then the other. Kim’s lips were like fire on Jessica’s skin. As Kim teased one nipple with her tongue, her fingers found their way under Jessica’s pajama bottoms and began slowly rubbing her clit, driving Jessica mad with desire.

Kim stepped back and slowly undressed as Jessica watched. Both Jessica and Kim had never been with another woman before, but that night it was like second nature to them. For hours Kim and Jessica kissed and licked each other. At one point Jessica reached into her bedside drawer and brought out a dildo, which they used on each other to have massive orgasms. Each time one of the women would explode, the other would begin fingering again and this lasted all night long. They both fell asleep in one another’s arms that night and neither one of them will ever forget this hot and wild time they spent together.

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